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Our trade stock changes monthly (some examples below) and is shared in our trade mailers.

Formats: 30LKegstar and 24x440ml Cans

Dripping Pitch | West Coast IPA | 6.7% | Crisp, Bitter, Resinous

Turtles All The Way Down | American Pale | 5.5% | Juicy, Fruity, Thirst Quenching

Small Doses | Lil’ Pilsner | 3.7% | Fresh, Light, Clean

Ebb & Flow | American Stout | 6.5% | Rounded, Fruity, Piney

Bet The Farm | Hoppy Continental Pale | 4.5% | Crisp, Refreshing, Lightly Floral

Deep Roots | Carrot Witbier | 3.5% |Fruity, Light, Complex


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