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Called To The Bar | Adrian Tierney-Jones

Embrace those chinks of light on the horizon

Adrian Tierney-Jones opens..

“As I write…record amounts of people have been dying daily due to COVID-19, while countless lives have been turned upside down and inside out. It seems inconsequential that our pubs remain closed while a majority of breweries are furloughed, and those that are open are only producing beer to be packaged. However, hospitality is an important part of our lives…”

Our founder Miranda Hudson spoke with cautious optimism to British Beer Guild of Beer Writer, Adrian Tierney-Jones and gave a hint of a new way with our Al Fresco taproom opening on the horizon in Norfolk while sharing her hopes for 2021.

“We are in talks about our taproom now and we 100% hope to see a post-COVID-19 utopian dream where people really engage with their neighbours and mingle happily in a community setting made all the more nostalgic and brilliant for the events of the past year!”

“We are an industry that relies on a symbiotic relationship with beer servers, publicans, beer bars, micro-pubs and bottle shops and they are our closest advocates and ambassadors and we long for the day they can do what they do best and cellar and serve kegs upon kegs of our beers.”

Originally published in the Brewing & Beverage Industries Business – Spring 2021

Photos by Nicci Peet


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