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How To Pivot — How being small and nimble can have its advantages in a crisis

Claire Bullen – June 2020

Protect your staff, customers and business

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, Small Business Grant and various loan schemes are keeping businesses alive. For breweries that have the ability, it can also be worth going back to investors to renegotiate terms.

“I approached our key stakeholders early…With big kit repayments to make, even on negotiated deferment plans, buying some time to not be revenue dependent gave us some headspace”

Miranda Hudson, Duration Co-Founder

Cultivate community (online and off)

There is one distinct positive in all this: craft beer drinkers haven’t lost their thirst during the pandemic, and if anything, they’re eager to support their local breweries in every way they can.

The advantage of a beer scene that has almost entirely transposed itself to the internet is that it’s easier than ever to reach beer drinkers all across the country. Duration has hosted digital brewery tours and live taste-along events,…

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