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Handle With Care | Suitcase Magazine

Written by – Meg Abbott | Photos by – Issy Crocker

Suitcase magazine meet the makers of North Norfolk on a road trip fuelled by cinnamon buns and craft beer

That’s the thing about North Norfolk. Beneath its flat, open-book landscape, giant skies, heathery marshes and sea-skimming villages, ingenuity is quietly at play. People build, cook and create here, informed by the area’s dramatic landscapes and ample natural resources

Norwich once laid claim to having as many watering holes as days of the year, and while that’s no longer the case, it’s no surprise that plenty of brewers have flocked to Norfolk to make use of its endless miles of crops.

Duration Brewing is the brainchild of Miranda Hudson and her husband, head brewer Derek Bates, who moved to the UK from South Carolina and brought with him 20 years of brewing skills. Its gleaming tanks and bottling machine stands in a renovated medieval barn spread across the ruins of a 11th-century priory. It has just opened a tasting room next door, where we sit and sip Duration’s award-winning brews with names such as Turtles All the Way Down, Little Fanfare and Quiet Song.

suitcase travel magazine norfolk destination staycation

“We’re in our first year, so we’re trying to show a breadth of style right now,” Miranda tells us, pouring the golden liquid into tasting glasses. “Norfolk is pretty traditional when it comes to beer. We’re a lot more progressive, I’d say.”

Later that day, we bump into Miranda, Bates, their daughter and Labrador puppy in the pub and join them for a drink. A pint of Duration American Pale, naturally.

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suitcase travel magazine norfolk destination staycation
suitcase travel magazine norfolk destination staycation