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Beers That Belong

Brewed from Nature with Purpose


Duration Brewing at Abbey Farm is situated at the historic West Acre Priory in Norfolk. A farmhouse brewery focused on fresh beers and wild ales that are brewed from nature with purpose. Working with sense of origin and time, respecting where we are in history and nature. Producing beautifully balanced beers that belong.


Our taproom plans are shaping up for an al fresco family dine-in experience in spring/summer 2021. Expanding on our successful 'cellar door’ brewery kiosk offering to more than just takeaway, we hope to welcome you to stay awhile and enjoy a beer with us at Abbey Farm in West Acre very soon.

Building The Brewery

Explore our newest releases, brewery events, and happenings down on the farm. Read our general musings on how we make Beers That Belong with a real farmhouse connection to them. Striving to always put back more than we take from our moment in time.

Our Newsletter

Follow our journey to learn how we strive put back more than we take from our moment in time. From beer releases to sustainable practice, brewery events and festivals - the best way to stay on the adventure is to sign up.