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Beer that belongs

“Our vision is to build a destination farmhouse brewery that is educational, pioneering and brings jobs and skills to the area” – Bates – Head Brewer. Bates discusses his idea for Beers That Belong here

Duration is a modern farmhouse brewery in West Norfolk making beers that belong. fresh beers and wild and blended farm-style ales with a sense of time and place to them.

“Surrounded by the creative solitude of nature we make good beer, with good people, in a way that repects where we are” – Miranda – Managing Director. Miranda discusses doing it her way and leaning into fear here

Following a complex barn renovation Duration’s sustainable brewery nods to the past and looks to future with equipment built for consistent sustainable efficiencies to produce purposefully balanced beers. The brewery fitout and design are discussed at length in our four-part bedrock blog series here

Historic Splendour

Inspired by our immediate surroundings and a respect for all that has gone before us, we will make heritage and innovative beer. We seek to give back more than we take from our moment in time.

Rooted in our majestic West Acre home we pour nature into our beers to celebrate the Nar Valley and all it’s rich produce. Cultivating time, terroir and purpose in an estate approach to beer making.

Duration is nestled in ancient woodlands midway along the Nar Valley Pilgrim Trail. In the ruins of an old priory and by the banks of a chalk river, with seasonal camping and a variety of accommodation close by.



Tasteful Company

We believe life’s most simple pleasure is taste – is best enjoyed around the table together. Bates has great brewing pedigree and a deep culinary knowledge honed in the US and the UK.  He invites the inquisitive and the discerning to pull up a chair, raise a glass, be present in the moment in conversation or in silence and come enjoy life at the farm.