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Who is behind Duration Brewing?

Duration Brewing is being set up by husband and wife team, Bates and Miranda. As we grow our family business we will offer an array of skilled, casual and apprenticeship positions as a Living Wage accredited company.

You can follow the company on instagramtwitter and facebook

You can follow our founders

Miranda – Managing Director on instagramtwitter and facebook

Bates – Brewer & Creative Director on instagramtwitter and facebook

Where will you be based?

We are building our brewery on Abbey Farm in West Acre – an idyllic rural village in West Norfolk, England.  We are on the main route out to Norfolk’s stunning north coast beaches.

The site is an ancient priory site next to a chalk river near some ancient woodlands.  It’s on the Nar Valley pilgrim trail.

We are about 10 miles from Kings Lynn train station (90 mins from Kings Cross, London).

I would like to stock your beer. What next?

Great news, thanks for the support!

Our first two beers from our Roots Range will be out in October 2018.

Brewed nomadically with the help of our friends at Amundsen Bryggeri – who have the exact same, world class equipment we are installing for minimal variation when we bring production in-house.

  • Turtles All The Way Down – American Pale 5.5%
  • Bet The Farm – Hoppy Continental Pale 4.5%.

Read all about them in a downloadable PDF here.

Jump on our trade suppliers list and be the first to know when we’ve got beer. Or better yet get talking to us on the form below.

Our collab beers will be distributed by our host breweries.

If you’re in East Anglia Jolly Good Beer distributes for us.

Contact Info

Business Info

Please answer the following questions about your business.
Note: please specify units used ie litres, kegs and cases, mixed pallets etc. (If you are a brewery, discount your own supply.)
Note: please specify units used ie litres, kegs and cases, mixed pallets etc. (If you are a brewery, discount your own supply.)

Your approach/offerings


Where can I drink your beers right now?

Reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll help find a stockist near you.

After a year of collaborative brewing we have recently released our Roots Range and it is available to wholesale customers via regional distribution partners.

Our online shop full of beer and merchandise is open 24/7 at

Jump on our mailing list to be first to hear when we have beer releases or new lines in T shirts, cap and beanies!


Do you sell merchandise?


Yes! T Shirts, Beanies and Caps will be up in our online shop in October.  You may have to be quick off the draw, these are going to be very limited runs.  Be the first to hear when they are available by jumping on our mailing list.

My order came without a keg badge. Help?

This is bloody frustrating, especially if you need to put our keg on straight away.

Fear not, we’ve thought ahead and a digital version is available for you to download and print in seconds, ideally on thick paper or card.

Just be sure to set printer setting to a minimum of 300DPI (dots per inch) and ensure you select ‘print to scale’ and it should come out ready to cut out and go!

Keg Badge Downloads

Where can I find your logos?

We have a five logos to pick between they range from iconic to full descriptive.  1, 2 and 3 are more graphic.  4 is our standard one and 5 is good if you want to show where we are based.

  1. Mobius D
  2. Duration Outline
  3. Duration Solid
  4. Duration Brewing
  5. Duration Brewing, West Acre – Norfolk

Each comes in two formats:

  • -JPG (white background)
  • -PNG (clear background)

LOGO files

Will you have a tap room?

Most definately!

We plan to get producing beer first, nomadically while our facility is built, then in-house.

We have obtained planning permission for a tap room on site and intend to build it as a phase 2 – once we are in full swing.

Beforehand we will have a modest tap room and small shop on site.  It will be licensed so you can stop in for a tour and taster as you collect some beers for your Norfolk day out.  We will hold events here too.

Do you do brewery tours?

Once we open yes! 100% we will do tours.

jump on our mailing list and we’ll let you know the monthly tour times, complete with tastings and the ability purchase beers to take away.

Will you have accommodation?

We make beer so we’re going to stick to doing that.  There are two excellent options very close by.

Posh camping at Bradmoor Woods along the river bank and past the trout farm. It’s pretty special and family friendly and it has a summer beer festival called ‘Folk in A Field’!  1.5miles away.

There is also Great Barn Farm for a more luxury option groups of 2 to 22 all self catering – with a pool. 3 miles away.

Can we visit the brewery in person yet?

Not yet, but soon! We are currently not open to the public. However, if you’d like to be the first to know when we are, jump on our mailing list.

If you are press or local why not drop our founders an email and see if they’ll make an exception.

Can I buy beer at the brewery?

Not yet, but soon! (noticing a pattern here?) We are currently not open to the public. However, if you’d like to be the first to know when we are, jump on our mailing list.  If you are a trade enquiry please sign up to our trade mailing list or fill our trade form

Are your beers vegan friendly?

Unless you count yeast as living creatures, our beers are vegan friendly.  They will be unpasteurised and unfiltered and suitable for vegans. We will always specify all ingredients on our labels too especially allergens.  If we use a non vegan product like lactose or honey we will make sure it’s advertised in the ingredients but on the label and on our online shop.

What job opportunities do you have?

We are a growing team and would love to hear how you think you might fit in. Introduce yourself

Let us know a little about yourself you skills, personality and what beer qualifications you feel you have.