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Our ethos

Wild ales and fresh beers brewed from nature with purpose. Inspired by the creative solitude of our rural location Duration showcases how beautifully brewing and agriculture can exist in tandem. Beers that belong full of balanced nuanced flavour and tempo. Everyday fresh pale ales and crisp pilsners using local grains and crops. Wild ales developed at a slower tempo inoculated with native cultures, aged in wood and blended to taste. Our efficient brewhouse delivers deliciously balanced small batches focused on quality and consistency. We strive to be a clean business.

Who are Duration?

We are an independent founder led farmhouse brewery in Norfolk. Bates, our South Carolinian Brewer, along with co-founder and Londoner Miranda, got busy converting a 16th century barn as the stunning destination to pour time and place into our beer. After two years of collaborative and nomadic releases, Duration, one of the UK’s most anticipated modern breweries released our first Norfolk brewed beers in December 2019.

Where is Duration?

Abbey Farm in West Acre is in the wilds of West Norfolk. Our rural idyll in the Nar Valley is just 20 miles from North Norfolk’s stunning beaches. Barley fields, ancient woods and grazing cattle surround our 16th century barn at West Acre Priory our chalk steam is an SSSI. Gentle cycle routes and pilgrim paths wind to country pubs, past old watermills and wild flower meadows. Our region yields much of the nations agricultural crops and a re- wilding program is giving some arable land back over to wildlife.

Talk beers

We makes wild ales and fresh beers brewed from nature with purpose. Everyday, agricultural, slow and spontaneous – all brewed with a sense of tempo and place. Both our signature and seasonal releases are brewed in small rotational batches. Limited quantity releases of slow and spontaneous beer from our barrel store as they become available. Please see our beer archive and follow on instagram for release info or sign up to our mailing list. Current and available beers can be purchased in or our online store.

Buy our beer

Our online store gets beer out to you next day and is restocked on Fridays. As well as in beer bars and micropubs, you can buy our beer in independent bottle shops – all accustomed to looking after our products. We currently do not stock our beers in supermarkets.

Near the brewery have permanent lines at George & Dragon (Castle Acre) and The Ffolkes (Hillington). Check instagram or hop on our mailing list for beer release info. Trade customers please see our trade area and FAQ: Sell our beer.

Sell our beer

Trade customers can buy beer to sell via our regional wholesalers in 30L kegstar kegs and cases of 24 x 440ml cans.

For direct trade enquiries please email [email protected] or call 01553 635 000

Sign up to our trade mailer for beer releases and visit our trade area for forms, digital assets and more.

All new wholesale or trade customers will need to open an account. Please fill the form below (if you don’t require credit mark £0 in that field).


If not registered put 'n/a'
If other, please specify below
Required you sell beer Wholesale/Distro and/or Import/Export


Mobile required for bottleshops to receive an hour window delivery slot
Mobile required for bottleshops to receive an hour delivery window slot


If CASH application you need not fill 4. 5. or 6.
CASH payment is due at time of order before collection or dispatch. CREDIT payment is due 14 calendar days from the date of invoice, 30 days if opted into Direct Debit
If Cash Account enter '0' and skip to T&C's
Duration Brewing runs due diligence on new accounts to mitigate risk. We reserve the right to stop a line of credit at any time should payments fall outside of our terms without prior written agreement.
If yes, a link to register with go cardless will be emailed to your invoicing/accounts contact along with your first order


Not required for CASH applications


We require 2 trade references, preferred but not required for CASH account applications


Please ensure you read, saved a copy and give consent to our T&C's

Terms of Trading

1. For CREDIT accounts electronic payment is required within 14 calendar days from the invoice date. The first two orders should be CASH on pro forma invoice. Opting to pay by Direct Debit allows payment within 30 days of the invoice date. 2. For CASH accounts payment is required at time of order and before collection/dispatch 3. The VAT is charged at 20% on the invoice net value 4. Delivery is organised by Duration at customers cost unless the order exceeds £1000 when free delivery to one location applies

Standard Conditions of Contract

STANDARD CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT 1. UNLESS OTHERWISE AGREED IN WRITING by Duration Brewing Ltd (the Seller), these conditions shall override any terms or conditions stipulated incorporated or referred to by the Buyer whether in the order or in any negotiations 2. PARTIAL LOSS OR DAMAGE. Goods must be signed for as damaged at the time of delivery or if any doubt exists Duration Brewing must be notified within 2 working days 3. ALL GOODS ARE SUPPLIED as per the producer’s specifications and all claims in respect of quality shall be subject to their acceptance. Whilst the seller will use their best endeavours to give recommendations and advice to a buyer in all respects it shall be the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the storage and dispense methods used are suitable for the purchased products. If this is not the case it may void the validity of any quality assurance claims. 4. DELIVERY & PAYMENT. Unless otherwise agreed in writing: For CREDIT ACCOUNTS payment is required within 14 calendar days of the invoice date. Opting into a direct debit scheme for payment can extend credit terms to 30 days of the invoice date. All new credit accounts will need to pay their first two orders by CASH payable on pro forma invoice at the time of order or before collection or dispatch. For CASH ACCOUNTS payment is required at time of order and before collection or dispatch. Interest will be charged on all overdue accounts at a rate of 3% per month above the standard bank rate. 5. PASSING OF RISK. The risk in goods shall pass to the buyer when the good leave the producer’s possession, being on collection by the buyer’s courier. 6. GOVERNING LAW. This agreement shall be construed and take effect in all respects in accordance with English Law. 7. COMPENSATION. The seller’s liability for damage or compensation of any nature arising out of any claim whether contractual or otherwise shall not exceed the invoice price of the goods in respect of which such claim is made. 8. PRICE. Unless otherwise stated, the price of goods shall be the price ruling at the date of delivery and the seller reserves the right to alter the price at any time, before delivery. 9. UNTIL FULL PAYMENT FOR GOODS DELIVERED IS RECEIVED, ownership of the goods (both legal and equitable) shall remain the property of Duration Brewing Ltd.


Digital assets

Our trade area has a ‘digital assets’ link to a download folder where you can find information to help beer buyers, events and social media managers.

Digital assets of each beer brewed including – product info sheets, keg badges, pour and product shots and more.

Future taproom?

Producing quality balanced beer is our main focus. Sharing a beer in good company is our favourite pastime. Our location is too good to not share and from spring 2020 we’ll open for tours with a modest tap room to swing by and collect beers for your Norfolk day out. Occasional beer and craft focused events at home and in beyond will be advertised on our events page. Planning permission to turn the south end gable into a future on site tap room has been granted as a phase 2 build – once we are in full swing.

Brewery tours?

100% we will do tours. An online tour bookings calendar will open soon. A guided tour around the brewery will show you our efficient 3 vessel brewery and state of the art canning line. Learn about our zero effluent water treatment plant and our hybrid coolship. See our wonderful wooden foeders in the wood division before finish off your tour enjoying a mixed tasting board of our beers. Join our mailing list or check in on our events page to be the first to know when our tour booking system goes live (expected Spring 2020).

Got merch?

Yup lots of caps and notebooks, here

We’re busy making beer most of the time. But every now and then we run some apparel and other doodads. It’s mostly available at the brewery and at our events.

We don’t like throwaway merch, so we tend to make quality products that last.





Any jobs?

We are a growing team and recently took on two new hires making us a team of 4. We would love to hear how you think you might fit in. Introduce yourself to our founders Miranda and Bates with an email to [email protected] Share a little about yourself: your skills, personality and what beer qualifications you feel you have. When we have vacancies they will be listed in here, so do check back from time to time.






Vegan friendly? Allergens

Good news. All Duration beers are vegan friendly with no animal derivatives.  Our products are unfiltered and unpasteurised and we don’t use fish based isinglass. If we were to use honey, shellfish or lactose in our beer we will mention this on all packaging. We do use cereals that contain gluten and list these and any other allergens in bold on our labels. Product info sheets containing all allergen and dietry information are our trade area under digital assets.