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Collab #8 | Amundsen Head Rush | Dry Hopped Fruit Sour

Label creation timelapse

Time Lapse video of Head Rush our dry hopped fruited sour with Amundsen being created. Can you spot the fruit addition?

Label animation

HEAD RUSH – a Dry Hopped Fruited Sour is the name of a beer we made with Amundsen Brewery in Oslo Norway. This is our #9 collab was the first collab we did outside the UK. The recipe was developed between Amundsen’s Matt Arens and Duration’s Bates, who first met while both brewing at London’s Brew By Numbers and have been firm friends ever since.

Citra and chinook hops for the dry hop to compliment our fruit addition of mandarin orange with citrus and piney tones. We picked an English Ale yeast strain for it’s fruity ester profile and reliable attenuation. The malt bill was kept simple as we were kettle souring – pils, wheat malt and cara-pils.


Head Rush Label Timelapse