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Launching our new Fermata Mixed Ferm range

Destination Farmhouse Duration Brewing launches it’s first Mixed Fermentation beers wild ales brewed from nature with purpose.

Duration’s much-anticipated farmhouse project has come out of the gate strong in spite of COVID-19 and is showing no signs of slowing down. Over 20 fresh ‘Beers That Belong’ have rolled off the line to date to showcase brewing as agriculture from their Norfolk location, covering a broad range of one-off speciality beers and returning favourites including West Coast Pales, Stouts, Pilsners and Saisons alongside New England IPAs and Belgian Wheats.


Miranda Hudson, owner and founder at Duration says

‘It’s been a whirlwind first year for us – adapting in such oscillating times. Thankfully we have been able to expand and grow faster than anticipated. One thing we always knew we wanted to deliver on was making wild ales that need time to develop slowly. The added time in the lockdowns allowed us to focus on our mixed fermentation offering’.

Check out our Mixed Fermentation beers HERE

fermata bet the farm

Of the launch of our mixed fermentation Fermata Range Miranda continues:

“Bet The Farm 𝄐 was always intended to be our farmhouse pale. A foeder aged, mixed fermentation version has been developing in wood since February 2020. In keeping with our fascination with time, we have used the fermata symbol – a musical notation to distinguish barrel project releases from our fresh clean beers. Fermata means prolonged beyond the normal duration, which perfectly describes our slow, spontaneous and barrel-aged beers. The fermata symbol will be incorporated onto the label and beer name using the icon 𝄐 and listing the beer as Bet The Farm – Fermata”.

Head Brewer and Co-founder Derek Bates said:

“Launching our Fermata range with a barrel-aged version of Bet The Farm has been a long term vision and dream for me. We’ve used cultures from right off the farm along with some from National Collection of Yeast Cultures in Norwich to evolve our continental pale (winner of Best Beer in Norfolk – Ratebeer Feb 2020) into our Farmhouse Pale. Our mission to expand the UK beer offering with a diverse offering of beers including mixed fermentation, blended and foudre aged beers is finally here.”

You can read more about Wood being an element of the bedrock we’re built on here and Bates’ intentions to expand the UK beer offering here.