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New artist Shaun Lynch kicks off ‘Remember When…’ series

Looking to the Future With Nostalgia

As we welcome our next resident artist Shaun Lynch to join us, expect more of the consistently balanced beers you love with a new look. We’ve loved working with Henry WS Muller and his designs will live on layered in with fresh new pieces from Cambridge based Shaun.

Philosopher Henri Bergson pertained in his theory of ‘Duration’ or Elon Vital, that every living thing strives to reinvent itself in order to remain relevant. How real that that’s felt lately! With a new artist comes a new beer series called ‘Remember When’ with its debut being released on October 23 to mark one year in our Norfolk brewhouse.

Taking classic styles viewed through a modern lens we start with the West Coast IPA – to showcase refreshingly bitter finishing beers with a fine balance between aromatic hops and a rich malt bill. Created by our brewer Dan who nostalgically recollects the first time he came across the style enjoying a Thornbridge’s Jaipur on draft in his local pub and being blown away by the discovery. Remember When The Pub launches 10am on Fri 23rd Oct (subscribers to our mailing list get early bird access).

Everyone across our growing Duration team will share a memory in time with each Remember When release. Along with what inspired us to brew modern classics, we will continue to show our technical ability across a breadth of styles. We believe the future of modern brewing also has space for a little more invention and spontaneity so we have busy designing our bottle designs for our first slow beer releases with Shaun too.

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Let’s get to know Shaun a little better as he joins the Duration adventure…

What is your name and where do you live/work?

My name is Shaun Lynch and I’m currently based in Cambridge (UK)

When you aren’t illustrating what else do you get up to?

When I get the time in between freelancing, cooking dinner and doing laundry it’s spent on making personal images… if the energy is there… I also started running on a semi-regular basis this year, but I think everybody picks a sport in their 30’s when they start to feel the hangovers get worse. I don’t trust myself on a bike and yoga takes an awful lot of concentration.

sketchbook page 2

What inspires you to illustrate and what has been your favourite project to date and why?

The brief is generally the starting point for illustrating, but personal images come from all different directions — sometimes its a response to something I’ve read or heard, or occasionally it is just some moment that’s struck me as interesting; the light or the colour or mood. Seeing new things and places, especially, feed a lot of ideas. A favourite project is always the next one, I like the ideas stage of a project the most.

sketchbook page

We first discovered your work via the stunning artwork for Jonny at The Brew Project – the hand is a beautiful motif for his artisanal roasted coffee – and his slogan ‘Find your love and let it kill you’ is amazing tell us more…

Oh thanks! I’ve known Jonny for a little while now and we’ve worked in coffee together, so when he started his own thing he asked me if I wanted to make the logo and help him brand it. The process mostly involved trying to make each other laugh with stupid ideas.

The slogan “find your love..” is a slightly mangled version of a quote which that great bastion of pure fact “the internet” mostly attributes to a letter written by Charles Bukowski. But it could also have been written by country singer Kinky Friedman. I’m not sure which is cooler. I wanted something to wrap around the bottom of the tins which would prompt people to pick them up and turn them in order to read it. So we went through a few ideas and eventually that quote stuck. It seemed to fit the black and gold aesthetic and match Jonny’s now or never approach to making The Brew Project an actual real thing.

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How do you feel seeing your work on products made with such passion?

It feels good to work with people that are making interesting things or, like Jonny, are trying to go about things in a conscientious way. And there’s an initial excitement of seeing something printed as all the work is done on screen, but then all I’ll see is what could be changed. Either that or I don’t really feel anything. It sounds bad and I do really enjoy the process of making something and it becoming a real-life object, but I’ve spent so long with that image that once it’s done and I’ve seen it in the completed context I don’t really need to see it again.

Processed with RNI Films. Preset 'Fuji Astia 100F v.2'

Describe your dream brief for your illustrative work both in how it comes about and in finished artwork?

If I could get a job just walking around somewhere I’ve not been before just looking at different things, then I get to make a series of images from that trip and they end up in the pages of some tastefully designed & printed object with some interesting writing that would be excellent. But that sounds more like a personal project.

Processed with RNI Films. Preset 'Fuji Astia 100F v.2'

The Remember When series is your debut project for Duration – taking a look back at classic beer styles through a modern lens what else can our followers expect from the series?

Nostalgia and memory fascinate me so more moody lighting, and half-remembered places probably.

PUB STU POUR 2social

If people could do one practical thing to support artists more what would it be?

Talk about them, if you like someones work then tell somebody about it. Failing that buy something from them, we need to pay rent and eat. Maybe do that one first. You can’t live on exposure.

What’s the biggest misassumption people make about your work?

I’m not sure anyone has ever made a wrong assumption about what I do as an Illustrator. Maybe that I make a solid living from it? I’m not there yet. Some people assume my work is made by traditional means- with paint and pencil. It always starts as a sketch on paper but all the colour and texture is digital. I can’t really paint hahaha.

We’re looking forward to sharing the first of Shaun’s designs with our first ‘Remember When’ release; Remember When The Pub, a West Coast IPA that’s resinous and dank with a touch of bready sweetness, a complex malt bill helps compliment the hop notes with a balanced malt sweet note.

The label reads: “Remember when the pub first had a Westie on? When balance between a rich complex malt bill and hops mattered? Living in the past impedes us moving forward but with an IPA a little nostalgia ain’t no bad thing. Vienna and Munich malt bring amber hues and a touch of bready sweetness to compliment the zest and resinous dankness of Citra Cryo and Simcoe hops.​”

Remember When The Pub will be dropping fresh into our webshop Friday at 10am on 23rd October 2020. Sign up to get a reminder sent to your inbox here.

Processed with RNI Films. Preset 'Fuji Astia 100F v.2'