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Light spring releases with the heavy weights

Last November when an invitation landed to pour at Friends & Family & Beer landed Cloudwater’s first festival, we nearly fell off our seats. The opportunity to pour with the community that has supported us so fiercely after a year of collaborations felt great. The US and European breweries made it all the more exciting and daunting all at one.

Our beers, brewed nomadically at Amundsen had just launched in a UK tour and were being well received. In Norfolk we’d just broken ground. After months of arduous planning and meticulous recipe creation it was all coming together. We were beginning to feel tangible and the invitation felt like earning a place at the table.

This photo was taken shortly after our founders Miranda and Bates had said yes to attending, giddy with excitement. Next, reality hit and we contemplated what we could possibly offer in a room full of heavy weights. With no kit of our own and the event just a few months away, developing anything mixed cultured or spontaneous was out.


As announcements of Fonta Flora, Jester King, De Garde and Hill Farmstead went out, it became more and more obvious what we should present. At Friends & Family & Beer Duration should be the palate cleanse. At the very least the brewers will enjoy them!

Low ABV and session-able seemed fitting for Spring. It’s definitely where our own taste is at. Going for well executed beers with nothing to hide behind felt acceptable. Above all else we strive to be a brewery associated with understated quality. If we become known for our deliciously balanced and even keeled beers we will have achieved our goal – whatever the beer style.

Paul, the founder at Cloudwater had generously offered us some rare space in January in their busy production schedule. Knowing his kind offer would make our attendance at the festival possible. We developed recipes for two beers to brew nomadically at Cloudwater (instead of our usual Amundsen home). We also set about planning a few collaborative beers with North Brewing Co (an 8% West Coast DIPA) and Double Barrelled (a 3.3% with full mouth feel, Norwegian Table Beer), the release to coincide with the festivals dates.

Below is a look ahead to our own spring releases pouring at Friends & Family & Beer and our next 4 collabs…

5 Beer Banner


Our spring beers will be first poured at Cloudwater’s Festival on 1st & 2nd March.

Preorders will open on 21st February on Duration’s Online store for home delivery for 5th March.

Deeps Roots | Carrot Saison 3.5%

Good things take time. Relationships, brewery projects, even carrot beers! This saison is our take on a Belgian Wit using purple haze carrots and charred lemons. In life and beer we’re always evolving and learning. Take things slow and set down Deep Roots.

Deep Roots

Notes: Pours a luminescent purple with a fluffy white head and delicate effervescence. Aromas of black tea and lemon peel. Earthy and mild smokey phenolics give way to fruity esters and quick bitterness. Refreshing, small and complex.


Small Doses | 3.7% Lil’ Pilsner |

Do you ever want a simple beer for straight up refreshment? This low ABV Pilsner is dry, lightly floral and invigorating. Clean and crisp with accentuated German hops. Sometimes you just need the world in Small Doses.

Small Doses 2 Can

Notes: Bright, shining pale pouring with a large rocky white head. Nose is clean with hints of floral, lavender, earthy, melon. First taste is a wash of hop bitterness, lingering the length of the beer, followed with a clean and crisp snap of pilsner and wheat malt. This beer is purposefully clean, delicate and nuanced, meant for shortly having many more.



A Place at the Table | Norwegian Table Beer 3.3%

Our collab with Double Barrelled is a citrusy delight a silky full-bodied mouthfeel for a 3.3% beer. A deft interplay of malt, hops and Voss Kviek  yeast. Pours a bright hazy orange with a small white head. Aromas of citrus, orange peel and ripe mango from the hops and yeast. Finishes with a soft mouth feel and a very short bitterness. Hoping this one earns us A Place at the Table.

Launching at Mother Kelly E2 and Copycat Beer Festival 21st February. Up on our online store soon too!

A little bigger is Strategic Partnership | An IPA with Left Handed Giant. First released in November 2017 and the first beer on their own kit after nomadic brewing their way into business. We have tweaked the re-brew and put it in cans as well this time aswell! Out mid March.

We also craved some old school bitterness and our West Coast DIPA | 8% DIPA with North Brewing Co hits the palate like it’s 2005. Launch event info here

Both A Place at the Table and the West Coast DIPA will be pouring at Friends & Family & Beer

Anyone not attending but wanting to try our beers and our collaboratively brewed beers? These will be available as 4 and 12 packs (also available in mixed packs) and can be ordered direct to your home from our Online Store

Small Doses 2 Can