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Sweeping Coast Making Waves with M&S

Sweeping Coast 4.8% West Coast Pale
Bright | Fresh | Resinous

Clean and bright, this West Coast pale has a dry pallet to let the classic American hops shine through with Mosaic, Azacca, Simcoe hops. Fresh, vibrant and resinous.

If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air, consider Norfolk. Sweeping coastlines that define the region as much as the vast skies. Instantly recognisable, our coastal dunes perpetually shift with each tide, gently changing the landscape in a state of continual variation. Sweeping Coast is resinous, bright and fresh yet subtlety undulating on a journey, one that is always set to home.

We have a big announcement to make. Sweeping Coast will soon be listed in Marks & Spencers on a non exclusive basis for a 12-month-period starting in May 2024. We are thrilled to have been selected and thankful to Real Drinks who worked with us to help us secure this listing. Going into over 300 stores nationwide will bring us increased brand awareness and stability in steady sales, which in turn will allow us to continue making all the special one-off special and more experimental beer styles we love.

As an independent family-run business we are incredibly thankful for all the support we receive from our beer community and beyond. We would like to open and honest about our decision as we know selling to major grocery can be a bit of a room divider. Sweeping Coast will continue to be made available on the same even and fairly priced structure we offer all of our retail and wholesale customers and will also remain available to the public for the same price in our brewery shop and online shop.

If you have any questions at all, or wish to comment we’d welcome your feedback and invite you to email us at [email protected]

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