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I make the beer at Duration. A couple of summers ago I wrote a post called Beers That Belong Talking of every day, agricultural, slow and spontaneous beers from rural Norfolk.

It’s been a long old road. Two months ago I became a full-time brewer again. It is beginning to feel as intended. Our everyday beers are happening and in the cooler months, and then when harvest yields crops, I’ll tuck away beers into wood making our agricultural, slow and spontaneous beers.

We’re not ready for lots of visitors just yet, so I figured the best way to show you my vision for Duration, is to show you around the part of Norfolk we have chosen to call home

Carlos Torres Film and Photo

Beer is how I nurture and how I give to the world. To do that best, to be a good brewer, I need to be where I am comfortable. Now I have creative solitude and that means good beer will flow.

When we open up to visitors we’ll set the tone as a great place to be in nature and enjoy beers made at source. Perhaps with friends midway through a bike ride or walk, or with family for the afternoon, or just alone with a book and the views. We’ll welcome you and share our way with you and it will be a good way.


barn door square on

Thanks to all the people that helped us make this film:

Carlos Torres videographer, Tupac Carroll video assistant, Gavin Morris additional drone footage. To our new friends and colleagues and Bradmoor Woods for the location of the meal. Also to Miranda Hudson for producing the film.

Photography in this blog by Henry Mueller and Tom Stapley.

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