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We’re being hosted by our good friends Gemma and Gareth at Beer No Evil in Worthing for a very special Meet The Brewer on Tuesday 28th June followed by a big old Tap Take Over on Fri 1st July

If you are in the area for These Hills be sure to swing by this Worthing stalwart of a bottle shop and beer bar for supplies too!


Our Meet The Brewer with Founders Miranda & Bates will talk you through 7 delicious beers to showcase what we are all about at Duration. Come for relaxed hangs and good times.


Meet The Brewer Tuesday 28th June 7pm

Tap Take Over Friday 1st July 12pm onwards over the weekend


Beer No Evil, 82 Brighton Road, Worthing BN11 2EN


Tickets can be purchased via Beer No Evil HERE

TASTING BEERS (Tuesday 28th ticketed)

Fresh Beers
Sail 4.2% Cellared Saison collab with BEAK
Turtles All The Way Down 5.5% American Pale
Bet the Farm 4.5% Continental Pale
Fermata Beers from our barrel store
Bet The Farm 5.2% Farmhouse Pale – Vinous | Tropical | Vanilla
Crocs In The Coolshop 5.2% Wild Wit collab with DEYA – Lemon | Biscuit | Cherry Pit
Tracing Time  8.6% Foeder Aged Stout – Silky | Tart | Stone Fruit

TAP LIST (Friday 1st no tickets required)

Sail 4.2% Cellared Saison with Beak – Dry | Melon | Citrus
The Road Don’t Go Forever 8% DIPA collab with Whiplash – Pineapple | Passionfruit | Pine
The Land I’m Bound To 4.1% Wild Grisette collab with Burn Valley Vineyard – Tart | Vinous | Dry
Cuttin Grass 4.5% Italian Pilsner – Crisp | Lemon | Dry
Turtles All The Way Down 5.5% American Pale – Tropical | Citrus | Soft
Window to the World 6% IPA – Soft | Passionfruit | Candy