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August 29, 2021 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Join us this (and every) August bank holiday for a community forage brew. As Keats said Autumn is the season of mist and mellow fruitfulness and for us, it is the time to come together to collect the hedgerows bounty to put in a beer. We are having an extra special event to gather the bounty of the land for our first ever community brew and you are invited to be a part of it!

Come learn more about our community brew and, if you can, bring blackberries and mugwort to exchange for beer credits to spend on the day. Credits can be used to purchase delicious bar snacks from Howard’s Butchers, amazing creations from Reesey’s Icecream, and lashings of Duration beer on tap. You can even use them to pick up a potion or two.

If you live in Norwich we’ll have a luxury coach bringing over folk for an extra special Brewery Tour where we will share a little on the Witches Brew (tickets available via Sir Tobys Beers and St Giles Pantry). Or come under your own steam and bring a bag of blackberries to exchange for victuals!


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What do I have to do?

It couldn’t be more simple. Swing by for a beer between 4-8 pm and bring us a bag of blackberries or mugwort to contribute to our brew. We’ll reward you with credit to spend across the beer and delights we’ll have on offer. Beer, snacks, and potions will be available to exchange for your foraged goods.

Joined by four white witches for the occasion. Come meet them…

  • Dark Times Apocathery Dianne Tanner (Manchester)
  • Hipsters & Hobos Amy Rankine (Scotland)
  • Ethica Skincare Christina Bunting (Norfolk)
  • Acre Botanicals Barbora Ondrusova (Norfolk)

All are on hand and offering their wares to show you just how much you can gather and forage. All are botanists and foragers of the woodlands, some might say, they are all white witches.

Dianne Tanner – Dark Times Apocathery – Manchester

The world is getting more and more messy to live in, but we can get through it. Using carefully studied and practiced herbal magic to create oils to protect, balms to soothe, and tinctures to infuse your life with magic – alongside painted spells and hand-crafted ceramic goods, the Dark Times Apothecary carries tools to support, uplift, and generally help you feel less shit during these dark times.

Amy Rankine | Hipsters & Hobos | Edinburgh

Amy has been teaching foraging & working with breweries to incorporate wild ingredients as Hipsters and Hobos for arround 6 years, with the aim of helping engage people with the environment around them. For her, foraging is all about learning to look again, and become more emersed not only in nature, but more present, becoming more intune and connected with the natural world.

Christine Bunting | Ethica Skincare | Norfolk

A therapist for more than 25 years now and have worked with many different products, the common thread being the natural, aromatherapy. As an aromatherapist, reflexologist and keen gardener I firmly believe in the power of plants and the fact that they can deliver as powerful a punch as the chemical ingredients found in many brands these days.

Barbora Ondrusova | Acre Botanicals | Norfolk

Growing, gathering and processing plants, drawing on ancestral Slavic roots, Acre Botanicals create mystical and magical looking dishes working with the seasons edibles. Also making bath salts and tinctures to enjoy from foraged flowers and botanical ingredients.

We look forward to seeing you on bank holiday Sunday 29th August 4-8pm. You can book a place on the coach from Norwich via Sir Tobys Beers and St Giles Pantry to include a brewery tour and tasting. Or just rock up on the day. If you’d like to book ahead with a table, you can do so HERE. Walk-ins also welcome!