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Friends & Family & Beer

Kicking off festival season on 21 & 22 Feb at what we consider to be the best selection UK, European and USA breweries. Duration will be bringing some truly ‘Norfolk’ beers from #FFB20 including our first ever collaboration brew Petrichor – an IPA with a very distinct aroma and an agriculturally led recipe.

  • Friday Industry Expo | 9.30-4.30
  • FFB Fringe | Duration Showcase @ The Pilcrow Pub | 12-late (free entry 7 taps)
  • Friday session 1 | 6-10.30
  • Saturday session 2 | 11-3.30 (founders Bates & Miranda in Q&A with tasting by Katie Mather at noon)
  • Saturday session 3 | 5-9.30

Come say hello we’ll be at the kick off at the Pilcrow before heading into the festival.

To show the East Anglian love our tap list from the festival will also be pouring at Thirty in Cambridge and The Plasterers in Norwich. Both from 6pm Friday 21st Feb




Petrichor is an IPA developed to combine the aspirational heights of Cloudwater and the grounded vision of Duration. Using locally grown beetroots from farmer Nick Walton over at Bagthorpe farm we designed an IPA to emulate the very distinct smell of Petrichor – humans have evolved to recognise this scent anywhere. Know what it is?

Petrichor (greek for stone and blood of the gods) is the smell in the air after rainfalls on warm ground. Just pause and close your eyes for a minute. It will come to you. Evocative of harvest time when the fields are full and a flash shower can kick up the heady sweet scent of earth and crops in the field in a wholly familiar and all together nostalgic way.


The smell of these balmy spells with showers scientifically speaking is formed from three compounds intertwined that our noses are finely tuned to detect. We therefore combined these in our recipe. Putting terpenes in via hops, geosmins via beetroots and oxygen (that comes from the pour). It was a pure experiment as a true collaboration should be, and it worked! Petrichor has an amazingly aroma, give it a deep smell and let us know what you get. For us it’s ripe strawberries pulled fresh from the earth.

Below are a few images from the brew day when Mark and Paul from Cloudwater joined us. Come try a scoop and the festival and our 3 launch venues! A limited amount of cans will go online on 20/2 and it will land out trade 24/2.