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Fidelity – Dublin

Whiplash have been cuckoo brewing on other facilities to get beer to you for while now. And just like us they are building a brewery to call home.

We first got to hang with them over at Copycat Beer festival around London’s Craft Beer Rising. A lot of the beer world is about finding kindred spirits jumping of a ledge for passion, so when we were asked to make a few beers for their launch festival in Dublin – with no brewery and our big build underway, we pondered, then replied – ‘We’ll find a way’ and we did!

We headed to Cloudwater to make a couple of specials for this event. If Dublin appeals why not get a ticket and come join the fun. The line up is pretty special (see below). Plus our newest team member Ned will be serving along with our brewer Bates. It will be Ned’s inaugural festival! Come grab a beer and be kind