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Hop, Burns and Black have brought back their bottle share and we’re taking you on an intimate journey through Bates’ gateway beers.  Sadly now sold out. Below is the venue write up.

Our infamous Hop Burns & Bottle Shares are back! These riotous events are where we invite our favourite beery people to share their favourite beers and beer-related tales with us, and who better to tell some stories than Team Duration.

Bates and Miranda are undertaking brewing’s own ‘Grand Design’ as they restore a historical abbey in Norfolk for their destination farmhouse brewery that will focus on fresh and sour beers with a heavy Belgo-American influence. While they work on this enormous (and enormously exciting) project, Bates is brewing nomadically. Over the past year, the former Brew By Numbers head brewer has collaborated with everyone from Wild Beer to Gipsy Hill to Verdant to Burning Sky, and is now brewing with Amundsen in Oslo while the brewery takes shape.

They will be bringing some of the beers that have played such a key role in Bates’ beery and epicurean journey – expect some yeast-driven classics, as well as Duration’s first two own-label beers: Turtles, an American pale, and Bet The Farm, a hoppy continental pale. We can’t wait to try these and listen to Bates chat all things beer in his wonderful Southern drawl.

After that, we’ll throw open the floor for you to share your latest finds, newest homebrew or that bottles in the cellar you’ve been waiting to have a chance to crack into.

Tickets just £15 + booking fee. Be quick!