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Bagsy a Booth

We’re delighted to be taking over the taps at the wonderful O’Briens Beer Cafe in Huddersfield. Their swanky new fit out will have you drinking our beers in style with their new booth seating too!


A cheeky little tap take over event to come try a few freshies and enjoy a few bottle shares from our Fermata Range in the barrel store – where we like to take things slow


Friday 29th April – until the taps run dry


67 Huddersfeild Road, Holmfirth, Huddersfield HD9 3AZ

Draught Pours

End Up 3.0% Table Pale – CITRUS | CRISP | LIGHT

Shifting Baseline 5.0% Pale Ale – SOFT | MANGO | STONE FRUIT

Human Interface 6.2% Heller Bock (collab w Donzoko) – BREADY MALT | SOFT | FLORAL

Catching The Big Fish 6.3% IPA (collab w Left Handed Giant) – CRISP | CITRUS | STONE FRUITS

Bottle Pours

Crocs in the Coolship 5.2% Wild Wit – LEMON | BISCUIT | CHERRY PIT

Tracing Time 8.6% Foeder Aged Stout – SILKY | TART | STONE FRUIT

Difficult Takes a Day, Impossible Takes a Week 5.2% Wild Cherry Saison – CHERRY | SOUR | OAK