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The Great Farmhouse Exploration  taking place 24-27 May across 30 hand picked venues to launch two very special collaborations brewed with fellow farmhouse brewers Mills Brewing and Rivington Brew Co.

Hit on the MAP to see where you can come and join in.

All events will be free to come along to and we’l make sure there are some goodies waiting for you, not just in the beer line up but with a few keepsakes to take home (sticker and beer mats) – ask at the bar!

This event will showcase our loves across 4 styles of beer

Sessionable Belgian beers / Lambic-style ‘true’ Mixed Fermentation Sours / European Lagers / Hazy Pales & IPA

You can’t hurry in beer making and expect good results many of what will be on offer are the results of months if not years of crafting.


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Duration Brewing (West Acre) / Yalm (Norwich) / Porters Arms (Aylsham) / Beer Hatch (Norwich) / Stoneworks (Peterborough) / Gladstone Arms (Suffolk) / West Road Tap (Southend)


Two Tailed Lion (Leicester) / Jamcafe (Nottingham) / KILDER (Birmingham)


Gipsy Hill Tap Bar (London SE27) / Mother Kelly’s (London N17) / Three Hounds (London BR3) / Pub Hope (London SM5) / Green Goddess (London SE3)


 Beer No Evil (Worthing) / Fuggles Beer Cafe (Tunbridge Wells) / Beer Shop (Folkestone) / Creeker’s Tap (Faversham) /


Vessel Beer Shop (Plymouth) / Pops’N’Hops (Cardiff) / Tuppenny (Swindon) / Bottle & Stoat (Southampton)

O’Briens Bottle Shop (Holmfirth) /  North Bar (Leeds) / Heaton Hops (Stockport) / That Beer Place (Chester) / Rutland Arms (Sheffield) / Winkley Street Ale House (Preston)

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We have been dedicated to lager since we opened, in fact our brewhouse was designed and fabricated in Germany where they understand technically speaking how hard lager is as a style to produce. We have made helles, bocks, rice lagers, kolsches, corn lagers and even a jasmine and basil lager over the years. For this event we are showcasing our most loved sessionable lagers in an American Light Lager, an Italian Pilsner and a German Pilsner – all using noble hops.


But that’s not all, we will also have some sessionable Belgian beers in the mix to show you just how approachable, simple and elegant a well made Belgian style beer can be. Often overloooked for a mis-association of being spicy or obtuse (no quads or tripels in this line up) these farmhand everyday styles like grisettes or wheats in our view are utterly delicious, fully approachable and well worth a revisit. We promise nothing too out there all our fresh beers are designed to be ‘pintable’ and balanced. On offer will be a Grisette (with Prickly Pear Cactii) a small Belgian table beer, a Classic Wit, and a Continental Pale or Belgian Blonde.


Then for the fully adventurous we have the lambic-style portion of our line up with some mixed fermentation, entirely spontaneous fermented beers (meaning no yeast was pitched and fermentation was achieved solely through wild local cultures present in the air and in the barrel the beer went into). These beers that take months if not years to create and are definitely sip and savour beers. For this event we have teamed up with Burning Sky & Mills Brewing and have our own award winning Farmhouse Pale in the mix to try alongside it’s fresh counter part in Bet The Farm. Tried side by side ‘fresh and wild’ you can truly see the difference that time, aging in wood and yeast profiles can play on a beer.


We of course know Lagers, Lambics and Belgians need a little more dedication so to play to the crowd, we have given each venue the option to pick some Pales/IPAs from our fresh everyday range (in cask too). Modern, hazy, juicy numbers loaded with American tropical hops we all can’t get enough of at the moment – Turtles our flagship IPA (Mosaic and Hallertau Blanc) will be pouring at all venues.

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At Duration we have a dedicated barrel store where we house our coolship  (a vessel that helps us innoculate the beer with local cultures), some foeders (large oak barrels more often seen in wine making) where we rest the beer to impart some of the oak into it and where we keep a culture of multiple yeast (bretty, more wild and complex) to sour the beer.

We call the beers we make in this project our Fermata Range – it’s a musical term that means to slow or prolong a note, after all Duration is the distance between two notes musically speaking.

We take things slow, aging on wood or fruit additions, spontaneous or mixed fermenting our beers and evenblending them to taste. Often tart, usually dry and with a curious undulating sensation these beer express themselves with a bit more carbonation and lot more depth and complexity. They ripple and flavours emerge in waves and undulate across the tongue. If you sip and savour these beers a lot can be revealed, compared to a big hearty chug you can give a fresh session beer.

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(At least 8 of these will be pouring at each venues. * denotes award winners!)


Big Pyramid 3.8% Prickly Pear Grisette (Rivington Collab) – Have you had a beer with cactus and peppercorns in it before?

*Quiet Song 4.3% Classic Wit – Soft and pillowy with a little zest and cherry notes

*Bet The Farm 4.5% Continental Pale – Crisp, dry and lightly floral, an award-winning example of a Belgian blond

*Turtles All The Way Down 5.5% IPA – A deliciously juicy IPA with soft bitterness and a wonderfully tropical taste. Made with great balance for year-round easy refreshment

*Doses 5.2% German Pilsner – Crisp, dry and delicious a straight up German Pilsner

Cuttin’ Grass 4.5% Italian Pilsner – Zippy lemony crowd pleaser – punchy on the hops yet only 4.5%

Good Times 4.2% American Light Lager – A sprightly and malt sweet session beer to let the good times roll



Rhubarb Reverie 5.0% Rhubarb Saison (Mills Brewing Collab) – Grapefruit, vanilla and rhubarb intertwine for a zingy and gently sour beer

*Bet The Farm Fermata 5.2% Farmhouse Pale – Tropical fruits on the nose with a very light hay funk that leads into dry and light vanilla oak tannins

Fermata Friends 6.0% Spon Blended Beer (Burning Sky collab) – Think cola cubes and pineapple chunks in a deliciously tart mixed ferm