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Beer Yeti – An Epic Virtual Tour & Tasting From Duration Brewing!


Tim Jones – 11 May 2020

Miranda kicked things off by giving viewers a tour of the brewery that is located in separate barns. The main brewhouse was epic and had some impressive state of the art kit, all made in Germany…For us sitting in the garden in 23 degrees of sunshine, this was our afternoon made up and we couldn’t wait to try what this brewery had produced.

Bates told us how Doses really fits into the aesthetics of the brewery as the hops used originate from the same area where their brew kit was manufactured.

Bet The Farm was quite an intriguing brew, with a lovely floral aroma and a slightly sweet fruity flavour, with a slight zest, finished off with a crisp, bitter finish. They are planning to release a rustic barrel-aged version of this soon, so it will be great to get our hands on that one!

Turtles All The Way Down, an American pale, Bates told us that it was based on solid American pale ales like Sierra Nevada but with modern day NEIPA style. It had a lovely punchy aroma, with hints of pine, marmalade and a touch of honey.

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*Some edits have been made for clarity and length.

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