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Beer and belonging in West Acre, Norfolk | Brewers Journal

We got featured, on the front cover no less, of one of our favourite trade magazines!

Tim Sheahan – 4 June 2020

“Every time the idea came up, of us doing something ourselves, I found myself overwhelmed with the gravity of everything and what I’d need to learn. Until I step back and think I just need to allow for those interaction to happen and create an audience for the beer Bates wants to present – that’s all I need to get right…The biggest challenge in all this was lifting the lid on Bates’ brain to ensure I delivered his pretty complex mind map. It’s pretty weird having your husband as your client.”


UPDATE: In Feb 2023 Miranda joined the Brewers Lectures organised by Brewers Journal at Springwell, the home of North Brewing to deliver an honest and open talk on the story of Duration so far. But also, she shared some sincere insights on her own personal journey, and how she has navigated certain hurdles along the way. Head straight to the podcast HERE

“Perhaps the most fascinating thing I admire about Foeder Crafters is the machine engineered dual-locking grooved staves. These precision cut staves interlink in a way that allow the vessels to ‘breath’ without ever leaking, or allowing additional Co2 ingress.

“Each foeder has been seasoned with steam or by being toasted on the inside to enhance flavour profiles. The first of this foeders features no toast, heavy steam, which promote nuanced and low oak tannin/characteristics.

“The second, light toast, heavy steam, offers the same but the “added bass note” of light toast. The final foeder is specified as heavy toast, light steam, which “is essentially a big old bourbon barrel at this point”


“We’re only a few years into our story though it feels much longer. We’ve learned a lot and will continue to do so. But what I do know is this; staying at a certain size allows you to be at your most creative and really that’s why we are in this, to create in beer. And I can’t wait to discover and share that creativity with everyone.”


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