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Brewery Shoutout | Hop Forward Podcast

Miranda Hudson talks ‘Why Now’ on the Hop Forward Podcast about Duration’s big plans

Nick Law – May 2022

Join Miranda founder and optimist at Duration Brewing talking on Hop Forward on why she built a remote farmhouse brewery in rural Norfolk, what it stands for, and why she is forging ahead with plans to expand production, renovate to add a visitor centre and add to their sustainability with rainwater recapture.

Learn how Miranda along with partner and head brewer Bates share a vision to build a destination farmhouse brewery that bring skills and jobs to rural Norfolk, showcasing how beautifully brewing and agriculture can exist in tandem.

Listen to the big plan for their equity raise on Crowdcube to make beer an educational, inviting and welcoming place for all at Duration and find out how you can be a part of it all!

Listen to the podcast here…

Hop Forward Podcast Nick Law