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Raising a glass to the future | Countryside

You know you’ve made beer noise when beer influencer Melissa Cole writes about you. In Jan 2018, journalist, judge and activist for inclusivity in beer put Duration Brewing in a Ones-To-Watch article for Countryside Magazine.  We take that piece as having landed in Beerdom.

“Duration Brewing is probably the most anticipated opening of 2018…the blend of old and new, a harking back to the roots of brewing in the agricultural community…and boy oh boy is it a big project…the initial releases are likely to be fresh beers with a vibrant hop profile, with the more complex, tart ‘farmhouse’ styles coming later”.

“With his pedigree as former head brewer at Brew by Numbers in Bermondsey, London and the respect of everyone in the brewing industry, many of us will be delighted to brave the country…to visit this truly promising project’.

Article written by Melissa Cole and published in Countryside Magazine Jan 2018

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