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Craft Beer Hour

Tom Stapley’s Craft Beer Hour recently turned 4.

A Tuesday night twitter hangout for the beer curious using #craftbeerhour has made trying new beers and Meet the Brewer events inclusive, friendly and entirely possible from your sofa.

Last summer when all we had was a notion of a brewery, Tom paid us a visit


Compared to other parts of the country, Norfolk and Suffolk currently have relatively fewer breweries (or should I say a ‘lesser density’ of breweries), but believe me when I say the breweries we do have, are really, really, interesting.

This project is so enormous, so ambitious and so visionary, that I would be doing it a tremendous injustice if I tried to explain the detail. In fact, all the detail you could possibly need at this stage is provided in this excellent blog post on the Duration website. They’ve also got a nice video.

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