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Fundamentals #69 – Duration Doses Pilsner | Hop Burns & Black

Matthew Curtis – 23 April 2020

When I visited Duration Brewing’s idyllic Norfolk home in West Acre last summer, head brewer and co-founder Derek Bates told me he wanted to brew “lots of lager”.

Things have come full circle since that moment chatting to Bates in the field behind where his fully operational brewery now resides: I now have a can of his lager in my hand. OK, so things have maybe been derailed a little as the world locks itself down and lives through a global pandemic, but throughout it all, delicious beer is a constant, and still having “lots of lager” to look forward to eases the emotional burden a little.

Doses is Duration’s German-influenced pilsner. It’s a simple beer on the surface, one that is easily gulped and enjoyed in quick succession. Peek beneath the hood, however, and there’s delicious complexity to be revealed.

I’m glad Bates is making lots of lager, because he’s very good at it. This beer is a delight.

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Duration Doses Pilsners - Matthew Curtis - Hop Burns & Black