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Duration Brewing, Carrier Co & Acre Botanicals | Bdaily News




We got featured by BDaily News! For our second annual forage brew, we came together with our friends at Carrier Company and welcomed back Acre Botanicals to participate in the brewing process. This year we ventured out into local hedgerows and monk’s herb gardens, to gather fireweed and used local grains, to make our first Belgian Tripel for our beer called Seeds Sleep In The Darkness.

Barobora Ondrusova of Acre Botanicals illustrated the uses of fireweed as

A beautiful plant to use, and fireweed, or rose willow herb symbolises release, rebirth and potential for something innovative and new. It should add a delicate honey rose flavourto balance the beer out perfectly

Carrier Co, established in 1995, makes straightforward and timeless clothing, inspired by the living and working up on the Norfolk Coast. Together not only did we make a beer, but we also collaborated on a clothing line to go alongside the beer.

Credit Bertie Dyer (5)
Photo credit / Berite Dyer

Enzo Clienti, of Carrier Co speaks as to why he was drawn to Duration

Being local, independent, and their approach of producingmindful of and respectful to the local environment was a big draw. It is clear fromspeaking to Head Brewer Bates that he has a clear level of passion andprecision forwhat they do similar to ours

Our head brewer, Bates adds:

Using local specialitygrains, Nar water and yeast from the national yeast bank inNorfolk and right off the farmto cultivate a sense of time and location to make beer thatis bound toits origins. Belonging is something intrinsic in me, and it follows that if I am ‘of-a-place’ then I want to make beer ‘of-a-place’

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Photo credit / Bertie Dyer & Alec Seaman
Credit Bertie Dyer (10)