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Escape To The Country | Ferment Magazine

Escape to the Country

by Matt Curtis for Ferment Magazine

“a new wave of brewers from heading to these mellower, greener pastures and carving out a slice of the countryside for themselves. This is how British craft beer began its escape to the country”.

While Duration Brewing lead Bates got his start in the city, he certainly wants to carve a new niche in beer with his farmhouse model

“I love the countryside. It’s where I grew up and where I belong. Our site is beautiful and inspiring, the expanse and stillness of it will enable us to explore and grow our offering without the pressure to be ‘on the scene’ or be moulded by others. We have the space to think and present our beer without having all the noise of a city distracting us.”

The full article is available to read here.  Includes Duration, Little Earth Project in Suffolk and Hereford Beer House in, you guessed it, Hereford.


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