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If you haven’t heard of Duration Brewing, you must have been living under a rock. A big, beer-free rock.

Sarah Sinclair is a marketing consultant, writer at Beer52 and a longtime friend of Duration. She writes about our early beginnings and helping us get off the ground and being a pillar of support for each other during the pandemic

So it’s probably no exaggeration to say that a single message from Duration co-founder Miranda Hudson changed the course of my professional life. This message led to nine months of intense work together, as I helped to develop the brewery’s online presence and pivot its business to the brutal realities of brewing in a pandemic. We weathered that storm together, with many tinnies and video calls in the garden after another day’s work was done. To be honest, Miranda and the rest of the team really got me through, just as much as I helped them.

Bates says he ‘belongs’ to the Appalachians far more than he does to America, and Norfolk seems similar. It’s a place where people have become engrained with their land: fishermen, oystermen, shepherds and farmers all living in the rhythm of the place.

Duration has a honed, methodical and mindful approach to everything it does, and its latest core beer, Another Day Done is testament to this. A 4.5% Juicy Pale is now a flagship part of its streamlined core range, which will be available all year round, alongside specials, collaborations and foeder releases.


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