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Flatlands: Dispatches From The Far East | Hop & Barley

Hop & Barley ran this 4 page feature on Duration as part of a wider article showcasing 5 provenance focused producers making beer in East Anglia.

“Norfolk ticks a lot of boxes for us. There’s a lot of space to grow into; we’re surrounded by amazing producers; the national yeast bank is just down the road; the beer scene is growing, but isn’t saturated, and the people are real and not a bunch of pretentious assholes. People think the county is behind in terms of its beer offering, but it really isn’t. These guys have always had amazing quality artisanal beer – the industry just needs a bit of reinvigoration, that’s all.”

– Flatlands: Dispatches from the Far East, taken from Hop & Barley Volume 09

Hop & Barley is a beautiful quarterly print publication.  The full article is in Issue 9 and is available to order here.  Includes Duration, All Day Brewing and Ampersand from Norfolk, and Burnt Mill and Little Earth Project over in Suffolk.