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Podcast | Good Beer Hunting

A little while ago we spoke to beer educator Natalya Watson for this Good Beer Hunting podcast. It was great to share our story in our words and we are thankful for the opportunity.

“It chose us, it lured us in. it romanced us. We may have bit off more than we could chew with hindsight but we got here – so let’s not worry about it” Miranda Hudson – cofounder “We’re only going to build a brewery once!”

Miranda and Bates are just getting started out in idyllic West Norfolk. Their determination and infinite hope for the future of farmhouse brewing carries us forward here at Duration Beer.

“You drink a beer for a season. I don’t want to drink a double IPA that’s full of hops and in the middle of July, when it’s hot—I want to crisp refreshing Pilsner. During the winter months, I might want a nice roasty stout.” Derek Bates

Listen below to hear more of their plans to expand the UK offering with Beers That Belong



Listen in via @goodbeerhunting | Photo credit @lilywaite_

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