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Comfort zone: Has Covid-19 changed consumers’ taste in beer? | Imbibe

31 August 2020 – Claire Bullen

Claire Bullen writes for Imbibe and asks if quarantine has inspired consumers to go for more familiar styles of beer or has boredom induced a fever for new and exciting brews?

It seems that generally, we have not been drowning our lockdown-induced sorrows in bathtubs full of booze. According to a recent YouGov study for the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking, which surveyed more than 11,000 people across nine countries, 84% of drinkers are consuming the same or less alcohol during lockdown, and almost one in three people (30%) reported drinking less or stopping altogether. Of the 11% drinking more under lockdown, 72% plan to revert to their old drinking habits.

Additionally, while sales data does show changes in how particular brands or styles are faring, those shifts are more likely to do with access than any other factors. Since the pandemic began, retailers, distributors, brewers, and consumers are all battling new constraints.

Duration Brewing in Norfolk has also had to curtail plans. ‘We had a few ideas planned with local botanicals but the places we went to gather some of these ingredients have been closed,’ says co-founder Miranda Hudson. ‘With a general dip in beer supply and a somewhat captive audience, we are excited to promote the non-headline styles that often get overlooked.’

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