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Episode 014 | No Pants During Ther Pandemic

We first met Kevin Brooks at Fyne Ales when we brought over our dream bar with only Hill Farmstead Saison on keg! We knew he loved his beer, but had no idea he was a skilled videographer.
We caught up on his new show No Pants During The Pandemic to chat about dreaming big and refurbishing a dilapidated medieval barn into a brewery.

“Our vision is to build a destination farmhouse brewery that is educational, pioneering and brings jobs and skills to the area” – Bates (Head Brewer)

“Surrounded by the creative solitude of nature we make good beer, with good people, in a way that repects where we are” – Miranda (M.D.)

See our brewery as it is now and where our beers that belong come from by joining one of our online tours here.

No Pants During The Pandemic Video Podcast