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Our Beers, Wines and Ciders of the Year 2022 | Pellicle Magazine

Episode 34 Pellicle Podcast

Matthew Curtis – 18 Dec 2022

After giving us a great write-up when we opened back in 2019, Matthew Curtis included one of our special releases in his beer of the year podcast. Given West Coast is his best loved style (and Matt sure does travel for his beer knowledge), we are pretty pleased for the inclusion. Read on to see what Matt says of our summer special or listen HERE (our bit starts at around 37min 20secs in)

Now it’s IPA time baby. A love affair with my favourite beer style West Coast IPA. UK brewers have really embraced them. This style is everything I want from beer, the flavour, the boldness, the balance. I find it too easy to drink. This is the style that got me into beer and made me want to be a beer writer. 

Sadly Sun on my Shoulders has now all sold out. But our other West Coast mentioned in the podcast Dripping Pitch is currently available online HERE

Matt discusses our beer alongside The Alchemist’s Focal Banger…

Dripping Pitch is one of my favourite west coast IPAs. They actually bettered that this year with a beer called Sun on my Shoulders.

I’ll make a confession, here in that I quite like it when you get that allium, onion kind of flavour – in small amounts in an IPA. An almost savoury quality in amid the citrus, fruit and bitterness. That’s something that I relish when it’s done well a good example of a brewery that has always done this well is The Alchemist with a beer like Focal Banger.

Sun on my Shoulders from Duration had that, savoury character with that tropical fruit character and then a dry finish. They make immaculate West Coast IPAs and this was my favourite beer from them of the year. I think Duration are one of the best breweries in country. I wouldn’t say underrated, they are very highly rated. I just wish I’d see more of it I guess come through the North West.

Listen to the full podcast HERE where a fellow East Anglian brewer Grain get a mention alongside the much loved Pressure Drop over in London.

Check out the original article Duration featured in Pellicle with titled Trailblazers and Trendsetters, 15 people who will shape Beer, Wine ans Cider in 2020

I’ve met few people in beer who are as driven as Bates and Miranda. The fact this determination is, at its root, fuelled by the humble notion they want to make great beer for as many people as possible to enjoy, is what makes theirs a cause worth believing in.