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Podcast | This Week In Craft Beer

This Week In Craft Beer chatted to us about our fresh beer brewed with purpose at our destination brewery

11 August 2020

We shared some Doses our German Pilsner and Bates shared his love for Märzens:

In essence it’s a classic German Pilsner; no bells and whistles. Lager ones of those things, there’s nothing to hide behind just the pursuit of perfection. We only change it incrementally each time we brew it. Next time we’re going to try a higher protein malt, more traditional german malt and see how it comes out on the other side.

Our brewhouse is essentially designed for making lagers German brewhouse. We’ve got a Märzen in the tank now for release in September, that’s a double-time as it marks the time where we first went and saw our brewhouse in September last year and drank nothing but Märzen – it’s kind of anniversary beer as well as a favourite beer.

Bates then reminded us what the beer scene he became seasoned looked like when he was just starting out:

It was slightly non-existent. We were actually one of the states still in the blue laws so you couldn’t brew beers over 5% or buy beers in the grocery store over 3.8%. I was working in a brewpub so we made Lager and Hefeweisen at 4/4.5% so it leaned itself to people who weren’t just looking for macro beer.

It wasn’t until my second brewing job where they finally ixnayed that law and you could brew stuff over 5%. So where I was working we brewed the first Double IPA in the state, back then it was 8% and quite a crystal malt heavy had a brand new hop called Amarillo – that just kind of shows you where it was then. Honestly didn’t boom and get to be – it was a very niche market up until late 2009. It was when I moved over here that it started really catching fire.

Listen below for commentary on our slow and spon beers and recent developments in Small Brewer’s Tax Relief and their potential effects on the industry as a whole