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Riding the new Rebellion Way | Guardian

We made the nationals! If you have not already seen Duration Brewing have been featured in the Guardian for being on the new Rebellion Way cycling route that will take you all around East Anglia, and across Norfolk discovering hidden gems dotted along the way – boasting a whopping 233 miles might we add.

Got plans for the warmer weather? Take a trip back in time, and stop off and visit us on the way!

The ride is more varied: farmyards and hay barns give way to open meadows and wide skies. Before long we’re pedalling through Thetford Forest, the smell of pine resin and petrichor pleasant in the air.

This summer welcomed journalist and keen cyclist Damien Gabet and some friends from Cycling UK and Pannier, to the brewery and taproom as a stop on their cycle route. They tried a selection of beers from the taps, had a spin around our Brewhouse… and enjoyed a few takeout beers for their travels. But it’s not just us on the Rebellion Way, there are plenty other fascinating stops along with way to discover in Norfolk that are highlighted on the new route.




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Photo Credit – Saskia Martin / Pannier / Cycling UK

We stop for a picnic lunch among the stately cedars of Lynford Arboretum, before pressing on to Duration Brewery. Miranda Hudson and her brew-master husband Derek Bates turn out beers and ales in a Grade II-listed building. It’s a Cycling UK accredited spot, which among other things means there are showers. My tasting flight spans fresh, wild and sour beers, along with a drop favoured by the royal butcher at nearby Sandringham (also on the route; great for cream teas).

Along the way, Damien Gabet and his pals stopped off in one of our neighbouring villages,

The last lazy miles of the day are toward arcadian Castle Acre. I splash through a ford and stop to take in the ruins of its 1,000-year-old priory. Two black labradors come to say hello before being whistled away by an elderly gent in plus fours. It’s a place to lie in the grass while reading John Clare poems.

Photo credit – Saskia Martin / Pannier / Cycling UK

Earlier this year, we were thrilled to be Cycle Friendly Accredited in the hope to encourage more people to visit. We’ve welcomed plenty of cyclists to our taproom over the past two summers and hope to see many more in the future. Here at Duration, we are surrounded by history in this little corner of Norfolk, and close by to so much more. The route loops you all the way around from Norwich to Kings Lynn, setting you deep into the tucked away corner of the countryside and skims along the North Norfolk coastline.

Damien rounds of his piece by saying:

Riders looking for adrenaline kicks should eschew the Rebellion Way, but it’s catnip for the adventurer. And also for me, knocking on 40, as a civilised reintroduction to distance cycling. A gentle segue off the road and into history.

So when are you coming?

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