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Triple Feature in United Kingdom of Beer Book | Camra

Adrian Tierney-Jones new book!

We made it in! Duration have 3 beers in Adrian Tierney-Jones new Camra commissioned book titled:

United Kingdom of Beer – 250 Top Beers in Bottle and Can

Broken down into beer styles and alphabetised by the breweries that made the cut. He’s feature our award-winning German Pilsner, 5.1% Doses that was voted Best Beer in UK under Premium Lager category by SIBA, as well as our award-winning flagship Turtles All The Way Down, 5.5% American Pale and he also features our seasonal Imperial Stout 8.5% Fortitude.


Talented and respected beer writer Adrian opens

“The home, the garden, the riverbank or the top of the hill are all wonderful spaces in which to drink beer. When friends are gathered, whether on a sunny afternoon while the zephyrs of grilled meat or fish drift across the garden, or around the table all snug and comfortable on a cold winter’s night, there will be the desire for a good beer that suits the occasion – which is also what this book is all about.”

To pick up a copy of United Kingdom of Beer – 250 Top Beers in Bottle and Can, head HERE


Of our American Pale Ale Turtles, Adrian writes:

“There are hints of blueberry, melon and passion fruit on the bright and cheerful nose, alongside a brittle lemon note and the suggestion of freshly cut grass. Then we transform ourselves to taste and it will not be a beer that you will find stays long in the glass (surely there’s a magician at work here as the beer seems to vanish very quickly) as tropical fruit, passion fruit, blueberry and a counterpoint of chives and a light grassiness all work together to make a friendly hug of a beer, a beer that is like the gentle nudge of a young dog eager to go for a walk on a bright sunny day. It’s the kind of beer that will go all the way down very quickly.”

You can buy 6 packs of Turtles All The Way Down HERE


Of our German Pilsner, Adrian writes:

“Doses is a highly expressive beer that will make you yearn to sit in a Bavarian beer garden. Pale gold in colour, it has a fresh floral aroma, as if wanting to replicate the joy of sitting outside on a summer’s day. It is light and lemony, slightly flowery and full-bodied on the palate, while the finish is bracingly dry with a hint of bitterness that tickles the back fo the throat. An enticing and enchanting beer that, as Bates says, demonstrates less is more and all the better for it here.”

You can buy 6 packs of Doses HERE


Moving onto our Imperial Stout Adrian writes:

“Darker than the soul of a tyrant and topped with a rocky, cream-coloured head of foam, this is a beer that immediately impresses with elegant aromatics of caramel, milk chocolate, light coffee and Demerara sugar rising into the air with the certainty of smoke on a still winter’s day. The mouthfeel is silky and smooth, allowing the richness of caramel, chocolate, mocha coffee, a light roastiness and the merest hint of vanilla to enrich the palate before a dry finish that lasts like the wind i the chimney on a wild night. A beer that fortifies the soul.

You can buy 6 packs of Fortitude (while stocks last) HERE

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