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Big Plans | Eastern Daily Press

Our crowdfund was one of our biggest successes of 2022, and we couldn’t have done it without all of your support… over 600 of you to be exact.

So what have we done so far? Our crowdfund has allowed us to really set roots in our plans for the future of our brewery and taproom, and get the ball rolling with our water treatment plant. In December 2022 we started our expansion and hope to keep up this momentum in 2023.

Speaking to Aaron McMillan from the Eastern Daily Press, co-founder and managing director Miranda, gave a few words on the plans for Duration

We will spend 2023 finalising the plans that include a huge glazed vista out to the magnificent priory ruins and barley fields that surround us, a full kitchen and huge beer bar, and hope to put spades in the ground at the start of 2024 to bring the taproom online by summer 2024.

Like our wild beers, good things take time, we hope to release more plans with you all soon!

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Photo credit, Lily Waite
Location Illustration
lily waite