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What Even Is Italian Pilsner? | The Craft Beer Channel

The Craft Beer Channel – Jonny Garrett & Brad Evans | Nov 23rd 2022

We were pretty honoured to feature in the Craft Beer Channel’s YouTube on What Even Is Italian Pilsner?

They tell us the 3 humble styles of Pilsner – Czech, Italian and German

The boys digs into the technical skills of Italian Pilsner originating back in 1996 and Agostino Arioli in Northern Italy making beers in a brew pub in Milan making a classic German Pilsner and chucking a load of dry hops in there.

If you haven’t checked out this upbeat, user friendly dive into the world of beer we strongly recommend taking a look. You’d be in good company as published author Jonny Garret was recently crowned Beer Writer of the Year by the British Guild of Beer Writers where his book A Year in Beer – The Beer Lover’s Guide to the Season scooped Best Book of the Year too! Copies to browse at the taproom.

Cuttin Grass Can Mower and Splash (2)

Tasting Cuttin Grass our 4.5% Zippy Italian Pilsner – a summer seasonal for us, Jonny says:

This is going to be closer to a german-style Pilsner essentially because I know that is what Bates, the head Brewer at Duration really loves. He loves real dryness, real bitterness, so you can see why he’s looked at Italian pilsner and gone hey let’s brew one of these “that’s a bit of me”. It’s very helpful but very earthy fresh cut grass I mean it’s cool Cuttin’ Grass.

Jonny continues

It’s the kind of beer you want to drink in summer when you’re doing outdoor work, but because there’s so much grass on this way loads of grass, there’s a guy on his mini tractor that is mowing along too. He wasn’t joking about the lean body…it’s Jacob’s cracker. The Malt is very much a vehicle for those big fresh grass, herbal Noble Hops you know?

Of the 3 beers reviewed Jonny reveals they have

Entirely unique characters – you’ve got soft chalky lemon, you’ve got fresh grass, Jacob’s cracker, and you’ve got hints of caramel and lots of lovely herbaceous kind of characters.

They all are bitter dry, almost kind of powdery on that finish that helps with the crispness, and all pretty highly carbonated.  This is about as crispy as a beer gets without being a crappy light lager you know and there’s loads of character.

Cuttin’ Grass came second in this line up that includes Luppoleto by Burning Sky and Timeless Pils by Tipopils.


Duration Cuttin’ Grass, England, 4.5%

This dry-hopped Pilsner has floral, grassy, lemon peel and bergamot aromas and a crisp herbal bitterness, all from German hops. Perfect with pizza.

Pick Up a 6 pack of Cuttin’ Grass here.

Watch the video here.

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