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World’s Greatest Beers | Camra

250 Ales & Lagers Form Pilsen to Portland

We made it in! Duration is featured in the new Camra commissioned book that covers the World’s Greatest Beers by beer style as selected by Pete Brown, Claire Bullen, Jonny Garrett, John Holl, Emma Inch, Lotte Peplow, Roger Protz and Joe Stange.

Claire Bullen kindly reviewed Bet The Farm our award-winning Continental Pale:

“This ‘Continental Pale Ale’ is its own animal, alive and resistant to the strictures of style … that bracing character is both a contrast to and complemented by its soft citrus and floral notes, and makes Bet The Farm as thought-provoking as it is easy-drinking”.

Photo 05-09-2022, 18 50 14

Pete Brown reviewed our award-winning West Coast IPA Remember When The Pub:

“Remember when we were in lockdown, and all the pubs were closed? Remember when you didn’t leave the house and you started to have beers delivered to your door? That’s when Duration warned us that ‘Living in the past impedes us moving forward’, but also suggested that ‘with an IPA a little nostalgia ain’t no bad thing”.

Photo 05-09-2022, 18 52 56

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