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Ebb & Flow and Tracing Time Take Home a Silver!

We’re Runners Up!

Two Stouts take home two silvers for the Best Canned and Bottled Beer of Norfolk in the 2024 CAMRA Awards.

The competition, organised by the Norfolk branches of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), was open to all Norfolk breweries producing bottle conditioned beers. 79 entries, across 11 categories, were received from 18 breweries.

Ebb & Flow, American Stout 4.8%

Ebb and Flow 4.8%, an American Stout takes second place for the Best Canned Beer of Norfolk in the 2024 CAMRA Awards (Campaign for Real Ale).

An American stout, hoppy and resinous with a lighter malt roast for drinkability.

Festival stouts. Catwalk beers – a myriad of waffles, lactose and marshmallow. Nah. Not this one. Lighter malt roast for rounded drinkability. Hops and yeast delivering pine and fruit notes. Taste may Ebb & Flow but with this American stout – less is more.

Runner up was Duration Brewing of West Acre with their Ebb and Flow, a 4.8% American style stout. This was described as ‘Smooth and complex with hints of dark fruit, vanilla and treacle’.

Alan Edwards (Competition Organiser)

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Tracing Time 𝄐 Fermata Release, Foeder Aged Stout 8.6%

Tracing Time 𝄐 Fermata Release 8.6%, a Foeder Aged Stout also takes second place for the Best Bottled Beer of Norfolk in the 2024 CAMRA Awards (Campaign for Real Ale).

Opening on the nose with char and liquorice. First taste brings a silky mouthfeel followed by a tartness lifted with the char. Flavours of stone fruits to finish dry and slightly tart with a mild alcohol warmth.

Like a big Flanders Red with darker malts. Notes of liquorice, apricot, and toasted oak. Aged in a heavily charred oak foeder for 16 months.

That’s a beautiful thing, chestnut red with a low bubbly beige head. Balsamic vinegar aroma with woody vanilla. Tart, acidic, fruity, wood charr, tannic.

– Joanne Love (Untapped)

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