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Land I’m Bound To #1 Farmhouse Ale in England 2023!

We’ve Won!


The Land I’m Bound To 4.1% Grape Pomace Grisette won #1 Farmhouse Ale (Grisette) in England!

A spritzy little tart beer made using grape pomace from local Norfolk vintner Burn Valley Vineyard.

We love all beer styles from hazy pales and IPAs to crisp sessionable lagers, rich stouts, fresh wheat beers and everything in between but we especially love Lambic Style Farmhouse Ales.

The sole focus of our Fermata Range is to champion farmhouse ales be they barrel aged, blended or entirely spontaneously fermented. Land joins Bet The Farm as a Fermata Range winner and we could not be happier.

More nuanced, less widely celebrated yet utterly delicious Lambic style beer need more time, skill and dedication to create and risks becoming extinct if no one champions them. We are passionate about preserving their place in modern beer.

Curious to discover more about farmhouse ales? Put a pin in the diary for late May bank holiday weekend and come along to our The Great Farmhouse Exploration event. Thirty hand picked unique and independent venues across the UK will be pouring a curated list of farmhouse delights. Enjoy one off releases we’ve made together with @burningskybeer @rivingtonbrewco and @millsbrewing especially for this very special showcase of all things farmhouse.

Long live farmhouse ales and all their ambassadors! Flavour savers unite.