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Modern British Beer | Camra

Words & Images by Matthew Curtis

We made it in! Duration is featured in Matt Curtis new Camra commissioned book that covers Modern British Beer by region

“This is no hastily put together, small-scale operation either. Duration is a destination brewery ..with a state-of-the-art, German-manufactured brewhouse set into a refurbished, Grade II-listed medieval barn, which allows them to produce beers that are not only deliciously contemporary, but also representative of the rural setting in which they’re made”.


“Given that the investment they made in establishing Duration wasn’t insignificant, the appropriately named Bet the Farm is perhaps the best representation of what this brewery does”.


“Bet the Farm begins life as a resolutely modern take on these classic modern styles. Utilising Tettnang and Mandarina Bavaria hops to add smooth notes of orange peel and snappy white pepper spice, this beer that pairs exceptionally well with an evening sat under a setting sun after a hard days work”.


“In a literal sense this beer represents us putting our added on the line with the whole project. There’s no real safety net,”

Bates, who speaks with the syrupy accent of his native South Carolina, tells me.

“Duration is about time and place in a beer, reflecting what inspires and informs us from our landscape’

Hudson adds

“For us, Bet The Farm is an intention to take beer someplace different”.

As part of a nation book launch, Matt Curtis will be at Duration on Sunday 29th August for our Community Forage Brew Event and signing copies of his book Modern British Beer