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Drinks with Miranda | Norfolk Farming Social Hub Podcast

This week our founder Miranda Hudson had a beer with Sarah Juggins of the Farming Social Podcast to chat about how farming and brewing go hand in hand

The epic renovation of our listed building at West Acre Priories scheduled monument site and how she has forged relationships with fellow local producers who share a love of Norfolk and the bounty of the land.

“A brewer has four ingredients essentially to work with and every brewer has a different rendition when it comes to what they do with them.

“Beer is agriculture, it is farming… the closer we are to our base ingredients, the more we can do as the producer.”

Crisp Floor Malting 036

“Bates wanted to be surrounded by nature and a farming culture and to be inspired by it.”

“We want to be the nexus to show all the brilliance that is here [in Norfolk] already…We want to blow peoples’ minds by opening up the world of beer.”
Listen to the podcast here.
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