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Podcast | This Week In Craft Beer 155

This Week In Craft Beer Podcast

Miranda sat down with Rob from TWICB to share a few beers and talk all things beer, we even made it on the front cover of their newsletter too!

We were last on the podcast back in August 2020, so it was great to be invited back on the show to look at how far we’ve come since then.

Find out what’s coming up, where things are at with the expansion and taproom plans and learn about who we’ll be collaborating with in 2023.

Read the newsletter HERE or listen in to the podcast HERE

Plus scroll down for 10% off an order with a special TWICB code.

We drank End Up our 3% Table Pale while chatting and moved onto Dripping Pitch our West Coast IPA.

Order both with 10% off for TWICB listeners HERE

Listen to our August 2020 TWICB edition HERE