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Sail Beer of the Week | Daily Star

When two of the UK’s most accomplished breweries get together to brew a Belgian-style Saison, you know it’s going to be something special

For Adrian Tierney-Jones’ Beer Of The Week in the Daily Star, Sail was at the top of his list. Adrian is an award-winning beer journalist, who kindly featured three of our beers in his book United Kingdom of Beer.

In 2021, we invited the team from Beak to come up from Sussex to brew a beer together. As what was supposed to be a one-off… we brewed this collaborative cellared Saison once more for their beer festival These Hills, in June 2022.

He describes our beer to be

…on the palate, there is a more light grapefruit and a swish of lemon, plus a delicate black pepper note… This is the kind of beer that will wake up jaded January palates

Full review in the image below

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Featured Image – @BayBeerReviws on Twitter
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